Whisky 2048 (or How Would You Rank The Entry-Level Islays?)

Like me you may have wasted a great deal of your March playing 2048, and all the various versions of it that have sprung up. Perhaps you’ve now begun to retake control of your life. In that case it is time you played 2048: The Islay Edition. You’re welcome!

These obviously reflect my current personal rankings of the entry-level malts from each Islay distillery–though, of course, there’s a huge cheat at the end. And thanks to the Bruichladdich distillery, for once, for making multiple brands that allowed me to get up to the 11 tiles needed for the game.

Would you rank them differently?













9 thoughts on “Whisky 2048 (or How Would You Rank The Entry-Level Islays?)

  1. I got a Lagavulin and an Octomore on the board, 14,400 pts. What a terrible idea Mao. that’s not what Im’ supposed to be doing!

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